Our Duties

County Constables shall keep and preserve the peace within his county by aiding and assisting in executing the criminal laws of the state for the Justice Courts of his district.

Constables shall obey all lawful orders and execute all judgments for Justice Courts within this district.

Our Prayer

Our Father, we pray thy blessing on this assembly and Thy guidance in our deliberation this day. Make us effective in working for the advancement of our association as we devote our energies to increasing its usefulness. Make us sincere, wise, kind and tolerant of the opinions of others. Guide us in the solution of our problems. Help us to do our best in the work we have chosen and be considerate of the feelings and rights of others. Enable us to live that we may individually, and as an organization, glorify Thy Name.


We are a state non-profit organization

If you have questions about a local constable or matter, please contact your County Justice Court.

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